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While experiencing bitter time

It is found nothing and no hope

When days come full of hope

Suddenly hope changes in no hope

Passing time and own people

Always makes you feel believe

Some things let you down

Some things make you move on

Life becomes bitter

Life becomes sweeter

A point comes, when you love life

A point comes, when you quit life

Sometimes you say sorry to you

Sometimes you think to change you

Sometimes you try to change the situation

Sometimes you try to change the path

By making wrong decisions

Try to make right decisions

Somehow then quit to make decisions


You love people with too much intensity

You love people by forgetting yourself

You try to embrace the situations

You also try to ignore everything

Then you may feel tired

When you lose someone you love most

You may find nothing inside

Then you forgive those one

To give them another chance

Then they break you to the extent

That you forget to love even to yourself

And thus life changes

In which you love nothing

But try to survive life

And then life takes your exam

But when you get failed

You may try to quit

But then think of being more courageous

And try to give life another chance

This is the reality of life

When you give it a chance

It takes your another exam

This is life, yes this is life

What if there are no worries inside

What if there are no worries inside




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