Main 5 Applications of Deep Learning in Daily Life

3 min readSep 4, 2021


Is deep learning a new topic to you and you want to know more? Do you know how this technology is affecting our daily lives? Then the answer is that this article is going to be really beneficial for you in gaining some useful information about it. Here are the main applications of deep learning in our daily lives:

1.Self Driving Cars

Deep learning can be observed in autonomous driving cars. These cars are made to remove human errors resulting in accidents and ultimately death due to accidents. Deep learning has helped a lot in overcoming challenges of detection of lane, obstacles and so on. Leading companies, making progress in the field of self-driving cars are Google and Tesla.

Photo by Roberto Nickson

2.Reader Preferred News and Fake News Detection

Customized news now is possible through a deep learning approach. For this, filter options can be set according to any parameter whether social, geographical, economical etc.

Convolutional and recurrent neural network blend, a deep learning application, has proven great in predicting fake news. Deep learning helps in eliminating wrong perceptions or rumors caused by fake news spread. As the spread of false information has become easy due to ease in usage of social media. This hoax represents different purposes that are obviously not good.

3.Deep Learning in Entertainment Field

Have you ever noticed while seeing movies, songs, or products that why and how these are always relevant to our thoughts? The answer is companies like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon etc. are using a deep learning approach to show us desired things to enhance user satisfaction. They do so by using our history for different searches and using all our relevant data.

Even the automatically generated subtitles and sound addition in silent movies are all by the help of deep learning techniques.

Photo by Souvik

4.Helping Health Sector

It is enhancing health sector abilities by helping them in various ways. Like infants and children suffering from autism, speech and development disorders are helped by the early detection of these problems in them. It is also providing benefits to the pharmaceutical industry in image segmentation and convenient diagnosis. It is playing an important role in early detection of skin cancer. Sepsis, the most common cause of death worldwide, can be early detected by deep learning technology. Thus in the medical field it is contributing towards improved human health.

5.Colorizing and Restoring Images and Videos

Images and videos are colorized using a deep convolutional neural network that works by taking the black and white image as input and colored version of it as output. This same thing can also be done in photoshop but it takes months but on the other hand CNNs do this speedily.

Image Colorization


These applications are not just enough, this technology has many more uses. The more we get to know about it, the more we will get impressed. I will definitely recommend you to observe and read all about it. This technology has proved itself a game changer in all the fields. Global revenue generation from the deep learning chip market is estimated to be more than 20 billion $ in 2027. It seems like its scope is wide and it will be proved with time.