What does it mean by “living a happy life?” It depends on the definition of it that varies according to different factors like different age levels, needs, culture, region, mindsets, status and many other factors that vary from individual to individual. Even a single person has different meanings of happy, successful life at different stages of his life. But ultimately it means satisfaction that results in happiness, which things makes us feel satisfied varies a lot!

Research has shown that there are some basic things that affect happiness in life like better living standards, fulfillment of needs of money, shelter, food, home. After these all then comes other things that can affect or give you a structure of happily living. Like in , , and in many other countries surveys, similar results have been found.

It is great if we are enjoying happiness and peace in life but what to do if it is not there? Is there any way to be happy all the life and maintain this thing? Or if yes then how to achieve and make this possible? The answer to all is yes!


*Practice or adopt some strategies

*Acting upon Scientific techniques

*Seeking help from the religion


* Be thankful for the things you have and not to think about the things that you don’t have, be optimistic

* Never compare yourself with others especially to ones who are higher in rank than you in any aspect of life as in this way you will move towards thankless attitude and will get depression. So, it is better if you really want to compare yourself then compare with the ones having lower rank than you this will make you feel thanks towards blessings you have

* Adopt problem solving strategy and try to find solutions when suffering through difficult situations this will refrain you from stress taking attitude

* Surround yourself with the positive ones and leave the company of negative ones as your company has great effect on you

* Try to maintain work life balance to reduce continuous stress and pressures on you

* Practice to live in the present moments and enjoy them, not think about past as it will not let you happy, just consider the past mistakes and learn from them, not to repeat them

* Practice to keep you engaged in useful activities all the time. For this purpose make plans for spare time in advance to save your time and to keep you engage

* Adopt discipline as this will resolve many of your life issues like time management, timely performing the work etc.

* Must embrace imperfections in life as there is no one who is perfect, and thus forgive yourself and be polite to you and others

* Learn new things like advance courses to keep you updated and thus improving your personality, living standard and in addition it will also increase your confidence in you

* Socialize, travel, make hobbies and work on them this will improve your approach towards life

* Practice, practice and practice positive thinking and actions. As difficult times leave a major impact on us due to which we might had become negative


*If you are going through difficult times or is unhappy, Practice , as smiling makes brain to release dopamine which generates happy emotions in you

* Practice and adopt as this will impact not only your body but also your brain and happiness level

* Make part of life as researches has shown that it not only reduces stress levels but also increase your self esteem that results in everything getting right

* Learn to yourself

*Forgiving others and making a positive change in your life also impacts your mind


When you are hopeless you become easy target of depression, anxiety and many such things but when you turn towards your Creator you find hope everywhere. Allah says in QURAN:

Allah even in difficult times gives us hope of that time when there will be easiness in life. He says in QURAN:

What Allah says about thankful attitude showing people:

And thus there are a lot of verses that tell us to keep hope, how to live a happy life even when we have become alone. But here I have written few verses considering length of topic.


I would like to say at the end about its conclusion, “Happiness is not a goal but it is a by-product of a life well lived. Never cry by thinking that it is over as it is never so, just smile as happiness depends on us.”

Originally published at on February 25, 2021.




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